Powerful women support each other, talk to you than about you. Most women are tryna be feminists seeking gender equality, but don’t even support each other. One minute you’re friends with your fellow woman until it turns out like she’s doing better than you are, then jealousy starts to set it, and you start looking for all the people she told you she’s had issues with before, so you can team up with them and fight her. I’ll always say women are the problem with the world! A woman is capable of making peace in her home or causing confusion and fights. Know the kind of woman you are.

It’s not enough to come on social media and pretend to be a good person. We will all succeed if we support each other instead of looking for who to use. Use things, not people!! You into business, and your friend doesn’t have money to buy your stuff, but she supports you in her own way by promoting your business; you feel that’s not enough, so you walk away and call her broke, then raise an army and say she’s not supporting you cause she’s envious.. smh! How many times have you supported what she does? These days, friendship mean nothing to most of us. On social media, you see names like ‘boo, bestie’ flying up and down, but it’s mostly from people who are concerned about what they’ll benefit from you, or checking to see if you’ve stepped into the next level so they can use you and shine. Sometimes, you don’t get to publicly support another girl even when you following her and see her posts daily; you won’t like nor comment just because of all the things you’ve said about her privately. Friendship is in the lips of many, but in the hearts of few.

Until you’ve been in deep trouble, and know how many people that are still there to help you in their own littlest way, you don’t have any friends! We should understand what friendship means and that’s why I’ve learnt not to just call anyone my friend. We can be talk mates, but definitely not friends until you’ve proved yourself worthy.

The world will be better if women start loving each other! Start praying for each other’s well being, instead of waiting for bad news.

A woman has the power to instigate hate or love. Don’t do things because your friend or another girl is doing it, so you turn it into a competition to see who can do better. Compliment her first if you must copy, but nah you ask why she’s doing it, critique it, then the next minute, you’re doing it. Why?

If you don’t like someone, don’t be their friend just to spy and gossip. Talking badly about someone else only shows who you are not who they are. Someone like me will know who you are just by listening to what you say about others.

Be a better woman! We can do better if we decide! Instead of being envious, be motivated!..#MoxieSaid ♥️



  1. Women have u heard?....nice one moxie

  2. You constantly inspire and I’m sure I’m not the only one that knows this. I love u Moxie

  3. Can anything be more true? You nailed this baby


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